Friday, February 26, 2010

5th Tower1st Boy silks now availsble in Second Life

The 1st Boy collection is available in 12 colors
such as blue, gold, magenta, and white (pictured above)

and includes the following (12) items:

1 Silk (ToKon and RemoveClothing scripted)

1 Collar (ToKon scripted)

2 Wrist Cuffs (ToKon scripted)

2 Ankle Cuffs (ToKon scripted)

2 Arm bands (ToKon scripted)

2 Leg Bands (ToKon scripted)

1 Cock Cup

1 Necklace

5th Tower
Males silks and accessories: Silks, Cuffs, Collars...


  1. hi, i have noticed that your silks come "tokon" scripted, do you offer versions without the scripts? if you dont you should Many goreans dont use tokon due to lag.

  2. I can do non-Tokon versions yes, in fact I have been considering doing Open Collar as well.